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TikTok Success Tips w/ Emily Gay

Insights from Sexuality Educator and Coach, Emily Gay

Image : Emily Gay, Sexuality Educator and Coach. Video covers several topics she discusses on her TikTok Account.

TikTok has over 1.53 Billion how does one stand out?

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Emily Gay for a brief Q&A. She is CEO and Founder of Sex Ed by Em where she takes a modern approach to taboo topics. While Emily is developing a presence across all platforms (highly recommended), she primarily shares her wisdom, sex tips, and other resources through TikTok.

We go over how she used TikTok as her 'main squeeze', what she wishes she knew before she started her career on TikTok, and her top three tips for TikToker's looking to optimize their platform while prioritizing your mental health.


Nik(N) : First off, do you use TikTok for business or pleasure?

Emily(E) :I would say almost all of my platforms are more for pleasure. Even though my TikTok only covers sex education info, I love making the content and browsing my FYP. So, I guess somehow I got lucky that business and pleasure are one in the same in my life right now.


N : How did you define your niche?

E : My niche is sexuality education with a sprinkle of self confidence and fun (at least that is what I would like it to be).


N : What made you choose TikTok as your main platform?

E : I wanted a place where the structure didn't have to feel so 'professional'. Instagram has become a place of insincerity within the past few years. It feels as if you have to be perfect in order to catch up to the competition. I found a type of solace on TikTok where it didn't really seem to matter if you had it all together, all that mattered was the message you were sharing.


N : What are some profile do's and don'ts you like to stick to?

E : Do make a lot of content that feels authentic and fun for you, too! Don't pressure yourself into always having content. Sometimes it's just not going to happen and that is ok.


N : What would you say the best way to caption a video is?

E : Simple - if it makes you laugh, that's the one.


N : If you don't get a lot of engagement, how do you determine your next steps?

E : If I don 't get a lot of engagement, I try not to sweat about it...but if I feel that it is an important topic that should be getting attention, then I try to go about it in a different way. Find another way 'into' the topic that might catch people's interest (Keywords).


N : I have to ask- do you ever delete content that isn't doing well?

E : Ehhhhhhh, I try not to, but I'm only human and sometimes I get insecure that something I posted is awkward or not as funny as I initially thought it was.


N : What is your favorite editing software?

E : I just use the social media platforms themselves. I know that is probably not a great way to go about it, but I'm a sex educator not a video editor.


N : How do you find trending topics?

E : I keep up with what is happening in the world, but I also talk about topics that are engaging to me. I find that when I talk about something that I am passionate about, the video trends better.


N : How long should a video be?

E : Probably shorter than mine tbh - 30 seconds to a minute max unless necessary.


N : What is something you know now that you wish you would have known when you started

E : That being smart is not about the vocabulary words you use.


N : Takeaway Time! Three tips or pieces of advice for everyone?

E : First, No one is going to judge your content as hard as you do just for it. Also, If you think what you're going to say might stir the pot in a bad way, take a moment to really examine why you want to say it in the first place. And don't forget to try to have fun. It sounds dumb, but honestly if you don't enjoy it you'll grow to loathe it.


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About Emily Gay

Emily Gay is CEO and Founder of Sex Ed by Em. She has over six years experience working with families as a Birth Doula, Life Coach, and Family Manager. Read Emily's in depth experience here. She lives her life in Los Angeles, CA. However, she offers her Sex Ed & Education Program, Single Sessions, and her Sex Ed for Autistic Adults Program virtually, and workshops.

For more information on Emily Gay or where to book a free 30-minute consultation, please visit her website :

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