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Bringing Moore Love Into the World. Simple As That. 

“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.” -K.V. 

For the Love of 

Tameir Moore, owner of Moore Visuals Studios, native of Tempe, Arizona and founder of NPO 4THELUV, wants the people he meets to be better off after having met him.

He’s doing a good job. 

His photography and video production studio, Moore Visuals Studios, is a hub for photographers and videographers looking to scale up and hosts numerous models, makeup artists and other freelancers regularly. Another venture is Moore Managed Events, a company that puts your event, festival or party on rails and runs it to the end. Everything from planning and organizing to logistics and execution is handled for you down to the smallest detail.   

“Each client, I tailor the experience to what they actually need. It’s not just a certain price for a single product. Figure out what they need, and then I give them a price based off of how their budget can meet their needs.” 

His foundation, 4THELUV, is a nonprofit organization focused on supporting youth and unsheltered communities.

If you need a guy to provide business advice, logistical expertise, a warm meal, or a jacket  in freezing cold weather, Tameir is your man. Growing through education and entrepreneurship, he excels in breaking down big ideas into achievable actions and bringing people together to create communities from those who would otherwise remain strangers. 

By the end of this, you’ll want to follow him, too. 

Let’s Get Down to Business

I asked him about his first business, expecting to talk about his photography studio or event coordinating, but he had money on his mind from a young age:

“My first business was in elementary school, selling candy. Lollipops, Now and Laters, I was making a killing. Shaun was actually my business partner! That’s how far we go back.” 

He graduated from ASU with a major in business administration and began his professional career advising and coaching friends and family–the people who knew him best knew they wanted him in their corner.

The testimonial of a client is one thing, but the full confidence of those who watched you grow up is a totally different level of respect, and Tameir knows it’s a two-way street:  

“My family drives me. I want to get to a point where I have enough resources to take care of my family, everyone around me, empower them, and put them in positions to help others. That’s my biggest motivation.” 

Over time, that word of mouth spread and allowed him to expand on his entrepreneurial tendencies, culminating in Moore Visual Studios, Moore Managed Events, and the nonprofit organization aimed at providing support to the unsheltered, 4THELUV

Helping his clients scale and brand their businesses, providing guidance and feasibility assessments, but most importantly, finding the right people for the job takes a special skill set and Tameir is no slack when it comes to bringing a group together. 

Making A Crowd A Community

Throwing a party or organizing an educational event for kids, it’s all about creating a community from a group of strangers. Operation Trail Trek, a newly-christened initiative aimed at getting kids out into nature and learning more about the land around them, is done in collaboration with the Desert Botanical Gardens.

With many children undergoing homelessness and institutionalization, the need for those with more to do more is greater now than ever before. 

I saw this firsthand, when I was advocating for 4THELUV with Tameir at ASU. We were those guys at the foldout table, talking to people about the nonprofit as they passed by. It was the tail end of a 3 hour stint, we had signatures from dozens of potential volunteers, followers on social media, and an expanded list of excellent people to invite to events.

As we were getting ready to leave, Tameir called out to a couple people passing, a man and a woman. Eking every minute of advocacy out of the day, he had an interesting conversation with the man:

Tameir: “4THELUV! We’re trying to support our unsheltered folks here in Arizona!” 

Man: “OK, you’re a foundation? And what do you do? How do you operate? What’s the name again?”

From the way he spoke, I knew he wasn’t someone to trifle with. The man was quick, inquisitive, and could smell bullshit a mile away. It was fitting that, right at the end of the day, we got the first person to really challenge us. Tameir didn’t skip a beat. 

Tameir: “ We’re the 4THELUV Foundation. We focus on getting essential supplies to those who need them most. Especially the youth. We’ve got new programs coming out catered specifically to them.”

Man: “Oh, really? What do you have that’s specifically for the youth?”

I could hear the doubt in his voice, a hint of disdain.

Tameir: “Well, coming up in just about a week is Operation Trail Trek, where we take kids ages 6-16 to the Desert Botanical Gardens to teach them about nature, science, introspection and meditation.”

The man looked to be warming to our cause. Then the finisher that clinched it for us:

Tameir: “We also have a financial curriculum we’re putting together for these kids. I’m passionate about teaching them the skill set to have financial freedom. It’s something no one can ever take away from you.”

Man: “OK, now you’ve got me. Where do I sign?”

It was a small interaction, one of hundreds we’d had all day but having that particular person interrogate us was a good trial for us. Tameir was forced to break down his own idea to its smallest parts and it won over the only person who really questioned why he should follow us at all.

It was a win, it was easy, it was straight from the heart and for the love.  

“If I have the funds, the resources, and we just need to get people mobilized? I can do anything. That’s my strength–bringing people together.” 

Growing With, Growing Through

“With my first client, I definitely grew through a lot of the things I needed to learn and navigate. Fresh out of college, brain full of theories and knowledge, but I learned a lot about how to deal with different personalities.”

When you tell Tameir your vision, he is listening in a way that deconstructs your first feasible step for you and is already creating a pathway to your success. Trust a person that doesn’t just tell you the directions, but will walk with you to make sure you get there. 

When you tell him your vision, his mind is formulating every discrete step it will take to get there. The only catch is getting people to open up about their ideas. Struggling with an interrogative style of gathering information, he’s come up with and coined a term for a better strategy: 

“I don’t want to make someone uncomfortable asking a bunch of questions. I want to understand someone’s vision to a tee because I feel like I’ve excelled with taking a vast idea and just breaking it down into small finite details, as I call it, scope inflation.”   

When he turned that scope on himself, he found out something everyone around him could already see: the best things he did, he did for the love.

Why Nonprofit?

“Even just by the name, I was drawn towards [a nonprofit]. Everything I’ve done up until this point with my businesses has been for profit, but there’s been plenty of times where I was doing work and not even making any money from it. It was really just for the love, in a sense.”

Check out 4THELUV. One of the NPO’s main goals is to help those who have nothing, especially those too old to qualify for benefits but too young to feasibly make their own way without support. This is where Tameir’s vision comes in. Attempting to clothe, feed, listen and advocate, 4THELUV is an engine for good wherever it goes.

And it all began with one of his main tenets: “look for the who, not the how.”

“I work really closely with other nonprofits in the area, and I want to help them forward their mission. I thought, ‘How can I do the same thing and forward my mission?’ which I feel is bringing people together and spreading love.

Who, Not How

Helping young people gain leadership skills is a hobby. Coordinating people and events is a living. Providing support for those who can’t support themselves is a calling. 

Tameir heard the call and immediately began to notice those around him with the same ideals and goals. People spending their own time and money on providing food, clothing and other essential supplies to the homeless. Funding a grassroots charity means coming out of your own pocket, and Tameir was able to find others who were already digging into their own wallets, gathering donations, and creating communities. Some of the integral members are:

Shaun:  “First and foremost, my first best friend that turned into a brother. Shaun’s been with me through it all. I needed him for our director of product innovation. He was a big push for me to start getting everything done in-house and now I can make everything right out of this studio.” 

Ty’erra: “Our head of community outreach, getting the word out and finding ways to connect with the community. She’s perfect at getting along with any personality. Any time we’re tabling at these pop-up shops or events, she’s always front and center telling people our mission and spreading our message with a smile on her face.” 

Savannah: “One of the first people who I kind of was like, okay, she’s perfect for a program director. She’s been there for all my events, I saw how organized she was, saw how good she was with kids. I’m good with personalities and feeling vibes, and I knew Savannah was the personality for this role.”  

Kylie: “She is a pivotal piece in keeping us totally organized. She’s our board secretary so everything from meeting notes, keeping a database, even printing out permission slips, she was there. She resonates a lot with me because we both do event planning. We actually met when we were planning an event; I saw how attentive to detail she was and I thought, ‘I need that person on my team.’”

Moises: “Someone at a party told me, ‘You need to talk to that guy.’ We sat down talking for about 45 minutes, chopping it up. He has a background helping the world his own way. Collecting thousands of dollars to put together hygiene packs. I was like, ‘This guy’s already doing it!” so I asked him to join me.”

Tameir: “I'm passionate about traveling. I'm passionate about experiencing other cultures, and I'm passionate about helping people. So I feel like if I can just find something that can fulfill all three of those pleasures, I'm winning in life.”

The Will is That Which Has All Power

Headquartered in the Afri-Soul Education Center, Tameir plots his next move. Advocacy events, donation drop offs, putting together hygiene kits, the logistics of getting the items to the people who need them most, all consume time, effort, and money. With the right people in place, much of the machine is assembled but, as with all his ventures, this isn’t about the robotic action of give:do but about what one person can do with what they have.    

Beyond the technical aspects of his repertoire, Tameir represents the heart behind the mind of our community. One night, realizing the weather would be literally freezing, he gathered the resources he had (dozens of hand warmers) and drove out solo to The Zone, an area comprising roughly 15 city blocks filled with tents, handmade shelters and housing adults, children, and everyone in between. He was accosted violently, his car was damaged (in an unrelated incident), he was freezing, waiting for the authorities and feeling defeated.

Still, he’d do it again. 

The kind of man who would rush headlong, alone, to support his people is the kind of man you want to follow. 


Tameir Moore

With a deep-rooted passion for community welfare and a steadfast commitment to fostering positive change, he has dedicated himself to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. Over the years, he has been privileged to spearhead numerous community-focused initiatives, serving as the driving force behind a series of impactful events designed to uplift and support our community members, especially our youth. Through his endeavors, we've organized diverse events that have not only brought joy but also addressed pressing needs within our community.

Get in touch with Tameir >>> Instagram

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