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Social Media Takeover

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Collectively Conscious

Social media fills the gap between streaming subscriptions. While your partner is trying to choose what to put on TV, you can watch a guy dance like he’s walking on water, hear an expert give advice, and watch a video of a cat falling asleep. Any of those snippets of content could be someone’s livelihood. Social media has allowed us to pay people with our time.

It’s a way to perpetuate constant connection, sometimes used for education, often used for entertainment, and possibly one of the biggest reasons so many people feel like impostors. Those days might be nearing their end. Instead of using it to feel inadequate, rising numbers of people are realizing one of its most powerful features: the chance to connect to others and make money doing it.

Bootlegging Success: We’re Starting a Business

More people than ever are attempting to turn their side hustles into day jobs. If your business isn’t connected to social media, you may as well be invisible. Companies and entrepreneurs may make a plan to “eventually” craft a social media profile, but it should be one of the founding pillars of any new venture. Leaving it for later just guarantees an eventual scramble to catch up.

Billions of people are poking around on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram every day. An unprecedented amount of humans are alive today, with the same needs and desires as their predecessors–and they’re mostly on social media platforms, reading, joking, learning, and spending their time and money. People want to go out again. Despite economic downturn, people want to spend money. They just need to be guided toward novel and interesting experiences, and preferably towards edifying people, products, and services.

Neon, Spinning, Flashing Signs

Attracting people has a different meaning now that the normal brick-and-mortar browsing model is largely a relic of the past. A transformation is underway, and the merging of physical and digital is at its forefront. Business owners can’t afford to be shy; getting a message directly to vast communities is worth it. We used to take it for granted that commercials lied to us, that we couldn’t have the Big Mac the way it looks in the picture. Now, more than ever, expectation is becoming closer to reality, due to creators being closer to their end users.

Carnival barkers will always be effective, but the elegance of a surgical approach has more and more value as time goes on because of one key component in marketing and advertising: adaptability. Being able to take advantage of events, memes, and movements in real-time with on-brand messaging is a kingmaker–if you are able to remain relevant, topical, and you have a good take.

Social Media Marketing: Essential for Business Growth

It is imperative that CEOs, senior executives, and decision-makers are savvy about their image and optics. That goes double for the small business owner and hopeful influencer. If you’re not taking advantage of the vast reach these platforms provide, you’re leaving money on the table. The second-best day to get posting is today.

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