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Social Media Organization Strategies to Increase your Lead Conversion Rate

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Don't let your leads slip through the cracks


We know that a social media strategy outlines your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them, and how you’ll measure the success of the campaigns you launch. It’s a process that requires patience. You will have to spend time brainstorming to figure out the best ways to keep the team on track to see any ROI.

Not having one or even having a poorly run campaign can kill your brand very quickly. Start off on a good foot by creating a process that flows easily for you while also keeping you on track to reach the milestones you and your marketing team have created.

Coming from a person who is not naturally organized - I have tried not being organized with my social media strategy because I felt I could be more loose with it.

The result was always incomplete work or unclear branding. Learning from my mistakes and implementing some of my own organizational strategies have already proven to increase my workload completion rate and the quality of my work.

Below are my top three *must* strategies to keep any business owner's social media strategy organized.

Utilizing a Content Calendar

This guy (a content calendar) I started using later in the game than I should have. Truly - I spent YEARS as a personal trainer without any content posting organization tools. Most of my content was created and posted immediately. I had the idea that I would post when I was inspired. For the creatives reading this, you know you can go days/weeks/months without any amount of inspiration.

A content calendar is a written or digital schedule of what you are going to post, which platform you are going to post on, and the optimal days/times you are going to post. You can also use it to keep track of upcoming events in the world or your company. This allows you to tailor your content to relevant and relatable topics.

Google Sheets are great for this, btw. It’s also a collaboration tool. Meaning all members of your marketing team have access to the resource to help contribute/manage.

Here is a link to the Content Calendar Resource my company and our clients use. Save a copy of the document to your Google account and make adjustments to fit your brand's marketing needs.

There are also software companies like SproutSocial that have built in tools for creating and managing a content calendar.

Scheduling your posts

I like having options, so I’m going to briefly cover different ways to handle scheduling your posts because you need to and should. Take a look to see what your marketing budget has available for tools to see if you can use a 3rd party scheduling tool.

Third party tools are cool. Just be sure to check out which platforms they can publish to, cost per user, and cost per platform (it can get pricey).

3rd Party Scheduling Tools

Use the publishing options on the platform itself. Isn’t always ideal for multiple, but it is free.

Meta Business Suite (IG and Facebook) Can schedule up to 75 days in advance


Publish up to three months in advance


Only from web browser and limited to business and creator profiles


They give you a week to schedule here

A Stellar Organization System for Google Drive

Okay, so hear me out - creating a file system to ACTUALLY use and not just save files with whatever name the computer generated to have them stay on your home screen for years to come….

Having an organized file system will allow you and your marketing team to find material with ease. My advice with the files is to not get too stuck on the names. Understanding your company's needs will help guide this process.

For one of my clients, we did a reorganization sprint for the company Google Drive. Here’s a screenshot of that organization system. What you see below is in the ‘Marketing’ file.

Doesn’t it just make you feel so good inside knowing each document or graphic you create gets to have its own home? Always knowing where your material is will save you time and emotional turmoil (related to finding files, that is. Anything else, you’re going to have to find a therapist).

Within the branding, is more files. And within those are more files.


I know we all respond differently to certain strategies or tactics, but even utilizing one of my suggestions will improve your overall success with your social media strategy campaigns.


Feel free to contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy brainstorming session! Or email us at for any questions.

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