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What is a Social Media Manager?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Social Media Managers are essential for Brand Success.

A Brief Overview of Social Media Managers and their contribution to a company's success.


Years ago (more like decades at this point but let's be kind to everyone not born in the 2000's) it was very uncommon to see the Social Media Manager (SMM) role listed on LinkedIn. There may have been someone on staff who would post something, typically on either Facebook or Twitter.

Today there are 76,965 results for roles as Social Media Managers in the United States alone. Social Media Managers are very much in demand.

While it is a growing role, there are some uncertainties as to what the role is exactly and what they do.

Let's cover some Social Media Manager basics:

Table of Contents :

I. What is a Social Media Manager?

II. Social Media Manager Responsibilities

III. Knowledge/Skill Set of a SMM

IV. Social Media Manager FAQs

I. What is a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Managers develop strategies to increase followers, create and oversee social campaigns, produce content, review analytics, and communicate with key stakeholders in a company.

They are the voice of the company, responsible for monitoring, executing, measuring, and filtering the social media presence. A Social Media Manager's goal is to convert as many followers into potential customers.

II. Social Media Manager Responsibilities

Because every company has different short and long term goals, the duties for a Social Media Manager vary.

Below is a list of general tasks performed by a Social Media Manager.

III. Knowledge/Skill Set of SMM

While the duties may differ, a Social Media Manager should have a base knowledge and skill set (or ability/want to learn) the following :

IV. Social Media FAQs

Okay, so what do they make? We all hate this answer, but it varies. Glassdoor says the average salary for a SMM in the United States is $46,000. That doesn't mean someone can't make more (or less). How much someone makes can depend on if they run their own company, contract work, or work for a company as a salaried Social Media Manager.

Where do Social Media Managers typically work?

You'll see Social Media Managers in digital marketing agencies or as part of an in-house marketing team. A Social Media Managers can be salaried employees or contracted workers.

Who needs a Social Media Manager? It is 2022, every company should have a department with a Social Media Manager, contract out for one, or be working on how to budget for one. They're essential. Without one, Social Media accounts are often neglected. It leads to a loss in revenue from the missed lead conversion opportunities and lack of brand growth.

Is it easy to become one? Like any role, it takes time and effort. Whether it's easy depends on the person's transferable skill set paired with how much they want to learn (and how quickly).

If you are interested in furthering your education within the Social Media wheelhouse, Coursera has two courses, Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certification and the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certification, that are worth your time as well as budget friendly.


Want to learn how to be a Social Media Manager or need to hire one?

Contact me at for a consultation.

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