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RE:levant: Facebook is Meta Again

One Social Media to Rule Them All

threads is meta's new platform

Twitter is Dead, Long Live Facebook Statuses

With Twitter imploding and TikTok spying on us, Meta has come to fill the voids.

Instead of specializing, as our algorithm overlords have been pushing, Meta stuffed everything into one space and said, “Go.”

Want to spout off online?

500 characters, champ. You can post links, photos, and videos.

It’s giving Reddit, Instagram, Vine, TikTok, MySpace, YouTube. 30 second videos of skateboard tricks? Go for it. 12 second movie breakdowns?

Hell yeah.

5 minute educational videos about life and everything in it?

I am here for it.

Facebook Went Meta and got some Flashy New Threads

Developed by the team that brought you Instagram, Threads is here for you to share updates and join public conversations. In the same vein as choosing the word “meta” as your new company name, Threads is using ubiquity to its advantage. If you’re using compatible apps, you’ll be able to see peoples’ public Threads profiles.

It’s a step in the right direction and when it becomes compatible with ActivityPub, it’ll be a good look for Meta, a company that tried to own the metaverse. You’ll be able to curate what you see and interact with your people like never before. Reach others who have had your same post-apocalyptic dream, who share your love of rare patterns on calico cats, or if you’re boring, who share your political views.

You can be a part of a greater family of groups and discussions, or you can create the ultimate echo chamber.

Do What You Want

Right now, it’s a burgeoning social media platform with no real rules. What people like, what they watch, it’s all up for grabs and you, too, can be a part of this brave new world.

Join with like minded folks on all subjects and educate and inform yourself.

Shout at birds on the internet. Go do whatever you want and see what works.

Being able to control who can mention you and who can reply to you is likewise a double-edged sword. You can distance yourself from people you don’t want to hear via blocking, reporting, and restricting their access but maybe you need to hear when you have a bad take.

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