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Not Just a Trend: Behind the Scenes with Model Alex Rose

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Alexandria Rose is a new era of woman.

Model: Alexandria Roberts Photo Credit: 12th Street Studio


THE Muse

Similar to how most relationships develop in the digital age, Alex and I met on a social media platform a few years back. We found one another through a mutual friend on Instagram and have been providing each other crazy amounts of support since.

Alex, also known as Alexandria Rose, is a model and creative director living in Arizona. She's been modeling since middle school, but it wasn't until 2020 that she decided to make modeling a more conscious choice of profession.

And has she been busy.

Alex is actively booking creatively driven projects- including runway shows - creating a space for herself in an industry that is notoriously cutthroat. She has been such an inspiration to myself and many others in the valley.


I was super excited to find time in between her booking shoots to chat for a little. From finding new creative pathways to staying fit, Alex provides an insightful look into what it looks like being a model in 2023.

Creative Expression through Modeling

"It's been such a natural progression...I've always had a level of creativity, but I never thought it would be expressed the way it is now."

She grew up believing she couldn't be the creative type. Alex didn't draw or paint or sculpt. As time went on, she began to realize how many other ways she could express herself.

While her primary passion is modeling, her creative expression has flowed into other artistic endeavors. Not only is she the model in these photo shoots, but she's also had the opportunity to design costume pieces and provide creative direction in other areas of production.

Having a Support System Makes All the Difference

Having a support system means that you have people to rely on when you need them the most. It means that there are people you can lean on whenever you are in a tough situation.

"I'm lucky that I have the support of my family and the people that I do...I have a lot of support.. It made it easier to be in my passion."

Humble in her story, Alex also notes that her success is a factor of her incredible support system cheering her on the whole way. Her mom (aka bff), sibling, and close friends have been so supportive.

Staying Healthy Physically

You might assume because she's a model, she only works out to look good, but it goes much deeper than that. It's about feeling good.

We talked about how working out is such a powerful tool for taking care of the one body we have on this planet. And how finding the right trainer can change the course of your fitness journey.

As Alex got more serious about modeling, she also began her fitness journey with Araya Jordan, Founder of Gyminifitness.

"I adore her... we say we are soulmates."

She loves working out, especially with Araya. With Araya, it's not just about fitness. It's about that relationship. The relationship with others and with self.

...And Mentally.

Having that support system has given Alex the ability to really focus on her mental health and physical health - a woman of balance.

While others may hide their confidence, Alex wears it (stylishly) with pride. Everyday she makes it a point to look in the mirror and say, "I Love You".

Something we should all take the time to do.

Models are humans, too.

A woman of balance now, but it took practice and patience to get to this point.

"I do still have to fulfill my regular life and my personal life...those are areas I used to neglect. "

She was doing 110%, but not in a way that was nurturing the parts she needed to feel human. It's that level of introspection that gave Alex the room to grow and find the best balance for her.

What's Next?

Alex isn't just waiting for her next opportunity. Every day she strives to be better than the day before, exploring new parts of herself and staying dedicated to her creative passions.

2023 has already been a wild year for Alex and it's not slowing down anytime soon.


Want to book Alex? Email Alex at

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