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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Welcome Our Robot Overlords

GPT-4 Reveal, Revolutionary AI will Accentuate the Human


GPT-4 is an AI language model currently in development by OpenAI, an AI research laboratory focused on developing safe AI technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it, and GPT-4 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4) is poised to take the field of natural language processing to the next level.” - Courtesy of ChatGPT

Messing around with OpenAI’s GPT-4 consumed my household yesterday.

Everyone from my kids to my partner had a chance to interact with the AI program, meandering from trying to write a poem about my Dad sneakers (located at the bottom of this article) to scientific questions about black holes and quantum space to, finally and inevitably, my sons trying to bring it to life: scouring the house for old and unused hardware to build their new robot friend.

I made sure everyone stayed polite.

Inside the capabilities of this powerful tool lies the future of integrating AI into our everyday lives. The quicker and more efficiently that tasks can be completed, the better for all humanity. That’s the idea; whether we’re wise enough to use it properly is a purely human problem.

And, as always, that’s the crux of it.

How we value our humanity is in question, as technology eclipses our individual knowledge and replaces workers with increasingly sophisticated automatons.

Creating art, teaching instruments, full-fledged research papers has never been more accessible.

In fact, this may be the tutor of the future: GPT-4 scores higher than 90 percent of human test-takers on the Uniform Bar Exam, as well as many advanced-placement exams and standardized tests. Extracurriculars have never been more important.

What it is, what it do

GPT-4 is thought to be the most powerful and sophisticated AI language model ever created. It is designed to understand and generate human-like language, using a transformer-based architecture that can process vast amounts of data. In 2020, GPT-3 was released and was trained on 175 billion parameters, making it the largest neural network ever built. GPT-4 is expected to have up to 10 trillion parameters, approximately 10 times more than its predecessor.

One of the key capabilities of GPT-4 will be its ability to understand and generate contextually-relevant language. It will be able to generate responses and outputs that take into account the specific context and history of a conversation.

For example, if you're having a conversation about a particular topic and switch to a related topic, GPT-4 will be able to seamlessly follow along and continue the conversation in a way that feels natural and human. An AI therapist is only a click away from being a reality. More importantly, it brings education to everyone, possibly one of its most revolutionary aspects.

It can help us nurture geniuses in situ, kids and adults alike.

Another significant capability of GPT-4 will be its ability to generate more diverse and creative language. While GPT-3 is already capable of generating impressive amounts of language, its outputs can sometimes feel repetitive or formulaic. It is designed to generate language that is more diverse, nuanced, and creative; it allows for more engaging interactions with humans.

AI, Take the Wheel

The development of GPT-4 is just one example of how AI is rapidly evolving and entering the mainstream, whether it’s valued correctly or not. As AI becomes more sophisticated and powerful, it will continue to transform the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

AI is already making significant inroads in healthcare, where it is used to diagnose diseases, predict patient outcomes, and develop new treatments. These processes are also used to analyze medical data and identify patterns that can improve patient outcomes. It seems inevitable that powerful revelations will emerge in numerous fields as more human minds interact with and learn from this tool.

Artificial Intelligence is having a profound impact in the education industry. AI-powered tools are helping students to personalize their learning experiences, provide feedback, and even create new curriculum material. In addition to analyzing student data, artificial intelligence is being used to identify areas in which students need extra assistance.

AI is also transforming the way we work. Being used to automate routine tasks (such as data entry and customer service), frees up humans to focus on more complex and creative work. AI is also being used to analyze data and identify patterns that can inform business decisions and drive innovation. Agile like a (procedurally-generated, neural-net informed) fox.

There are also ethical and social questions that will arise as AI continues to advance. How can we ensure AI is used ethically and responsibly? How can we prevent AI from perpetuating existing biases and inequalities?

As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into everyday life, these questions will need to be addressed. So many people now have the opportunity to bring more to the table. This technology expands your knowledge and learning possibilities, how you use it is a purely human endeavor.

If we can expand its depth by teaching it how to be more “human”, we are on the road to giving birth to consciousness, collectively. Once “hard”, technical skill becomes automated, perhaps we’ll focus on what we’ve craved for the last 1,000 years: mental, emotional, communal wellbeing.


Bonus AI-generated poem about my sneakers:

Dad's White Sneakers

Dad's white sneakers, once so new,

Now bear the marks of years gone through,

The dust, the dirt, the daily grind,

Etched in every scuff and line.

They've walked a thousand miles or more,

And yet, they're still the ones he wore,

To games, to work, to family trips,

A constant part of every script.

They've seen it all, those sneakers white,

Through rain and mud and sun so bright,

They've climbed the hills and crossed the streams,

And been there for our childhood dreams.

And though they may be worn and old,

To us, they'll always be worth gold,

For in each scuff and crease we see,

The love and care of our family.

So here's to Dad's white sneakers true,

A symbol of the man we knew,

A testament to all he's done,

And the miles he's walked, one by one.

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