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Balancing Music, Motherhood, and Self-Care

Updated: Jan 7

Cassidy - Tale of an Artist

Sassidy Music


Finding the Balance in Numbers & Notes

Cassidy is a remarkable woman and a testament to the power of soul, in her art and in her mindset. An accountant by day and a singer-songwriter by night, Cassidy’s journey is one that resonates with many, balancing a career and a calling while raising a 13-year-old daughter.

Having a mom who was also a singer may have helped to nudge her toward it, but it was inevitable that she would be up on stage, playing music and singing.

Pulling from life experience makes for a raw, genuine experience and when we discussed the process, I brought up how difficult concentrating can be.

“I can go into a flow state when I need’s kind of a gift.”

Yes it is, it most definitely is.

Music Speaks to the Soul

Cassidy’s music transcends the usual tropes, if you think you know what she’s singing about, you’re right, because she’s singing just to you. Her songs are not just narratives of love or loss; they are deeper reflections on self-love and personal growth.

I write in a way that you can’t pinpoint the origin,” Cassidy shares. Her music doesn’t fit neatly into a single category; it’s a curated mix that speaks to various stages of life and personal development.

Her approach to songwriting is rooted in harnessing the power of universal experiences, particularly as a parent. “As our children grow, we find new levels within ourselves,” she says.

Most of the time, it's about self love, taking care of yourself, because I think maybe some people out there can relate as these kids grow. As a parent, you have to find a new level as they grow. It's not the same as when they were babies or kids or teens, you’re not the same.”

It’s a central theme in her music–you can hear it in how she sings, you see it in her identity, and feel it in her journey.

Connection Beyond Words

Her song “Continuously Lie,” written during her time in a band, could be inspired by any number of emotions, a family’s struggle, a relationship gone bad, or even her thoughts on a loved one’s struggle with addiction.

Personal experiences shape artistic expression, and hers sculpt a beautiful expression of love and the strength it takes to love.

The challenge is juggling a demanding career in accounting with her musical aspirations and calling. “Admin and marketing is too much at times,” she admits, “but I’m in the process of finding balance. It’s an ever-evolving process.”

Life at home with a daughter and dog adds another layer of inspiration and obligation. It’s a mix of domestic responsibilities and creative pursuits, both of which include managing mental health.

She told me about an incident where a listener was drawn to her performance from across the street, captivated by the emotion and power of her voice. She didn’t put it exactly that way, but I saw the picture she painted.

Walking along, errands on your mind, on autopilot as you walk back to where you parked the car–suddenly, a voice. A siren call, breaking you from your thoughts and wheeling you toward her, singing, smiling, shining in the sunlight. If I’d been there, I’d have been right next to him.

Moments like this reinforce her belief in the power of music to connect people.

Performing at events like the Mesa Music Festival, where she shared the bill with Everclear, Cassidy has felt the profound connection music can create among strangers.

Looking Ahead

What’s next for our siren singer?

Starting in January, I’m enrolled in college–majoring in music therapy.” Music therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

What better use for her calling?

In the meantime, you might see Cassidy performing at a wedding, a private show, or birthday party, and you’ll be getting the same core message that many have felt before you: her unique blend of storytelling and soul.

Cassidy is a testament to the ongoing quest for balance, the transformative power of music, and the universal journey of growth and self-discovery. Her life, a melody of responsibilities, dreams, and love, will continue to inspire and resonate with those who hear her story through her songs.


You can listen to more of Cassidy's music Here

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