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Arizona Fashion Designer TECHNOIRCANDY


Cyberpunk + 90s rave card + Ghost in the Shell 


Candy Scott: owner, creator, artist, futurist.

She’s the owner of TECHNOIRCANDY, creator of sustainable, futuristic apparel, and a versatile artist skilled in multiple disciplines. There is little gap between artist and art. Her personality and philosophy combine in every piece; her style is made all the better knowing she lives it.  

I met Candy and immediately thought, “This person could be the main character in a video game and I’d be good with that.” Moving with certainty and purpose, she has the air of a person who knows how the story ends. And, like all good stories, it begins with art



Most kids love dancing, singing, and costumes, and Candy was no different. What made her different is the desire to act–immediately and intentionally. Costumes. A spark ignited the kindling behind her eyes and she was off. Seven years old, needle and thread in hand, furrowed brow and focused mind, she taught herself how to sew new outfits for her dolls. Here grew the love of creating garment concepts, commanding fabric and texture, and directing fashion shows. Now, the journey has evolved, expanding into a diverse array of innovative projects and broader artistic explorations.

"Nothing is going to stop you, whether or not it’s perfect. You get to this point, and even if it doesn’t receive any accolades, you make it what it’s meant to be." 


Cyberpunky, spacepunky, glitchy, kitschy, Klimtsy– TECHNOIRCANDY combines digital and physical media to bring you back in time to the 90s future. Remember when a dystopian future was a fun fantasy? It was a time when our human minds were irreversibly combining with digital frequencies. 

All the science and camp of the 80s had evolved into a grungier, grittier generation that listened to both garage bands and music made on magic computers. Don’t lie about it: Daft Punk’s “Homework” was on 98% of CDs burned, even that Enya album for your sister. She still asked for, “That one techno-y song? It goes doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.” 

TECHNOIRCANDY ensembles call back to the clean lines of animation like Aeon Flux, mixed with the visceral response of glitching analog error. If you’re looking for the ghost in the machine, or just trying to wear comfortable clothing made from durable, vegan textiles, TECHNOIRCANDY has you covered. 


Futurism with a blend of cyberpunk/PLUR perspective makes for clothing, equipment, and artwork that echo the desire to become Transcendent. Beyond physical adaptation and perfection, Transcendence involves a reverence for the energy around us, the area of the universe we displace, and the connection between the two. Citing the labyrinthine communication of mycelium, she spoke of the flow state she inhabits while creating:

“When I’m going to create a concept or a piece of art or video, there’s always this zero point, it’s a point you have to get to. 

Like a little foxhole in the universe within yourself and: 




You have this idea turning and 

boiling and 

marinating and 

percolating and 

it’s like coffee or wine, 

there’s a perfect moment 

where it’s go time." 

This study in stream of consciousness permeates another of Candy’s projects: A cinematic piece with a cast from myriad walks of life, perspectives, genders, backgrounds, and ages. “Eat Stars for Breakfast”, a fashion film by TECHNOIRCANDY, is in the making. She gave a brief overview of the project and what the final outcome looks like in her eyes, as well as some insight into the vicissitudes of creation:

“No one has any speaking lines, it’s more a lucid dream in space– stream of consciousness, glitchy, spacepunk, metaphysical. There’s a collage of layering to showcase the brand in the art.”  

TECHNOIRCANDY cube / self portrait


“I’m a huge movie nerd, huge fan of Stanley Kubrick, so I just wanted to give something back [cinematically]. I’m kind of nervous to edit it, though, almost scared to look at it." 

In trying to pay homage and add her own personal touch to the cinematic community, she’s broadened her perspectives on the difficulties of the abstracts of writing and directing coupled with the practicalities of casting and logistics. 

"I just don’t want it to suck. I'm aiming for a cinematic interpretation of a high-frequency lucid dream in harmony and cohesion with my values– plus a lot of fun fashion and eye candy.” 

The struggle to create a transcendent experience veers through existential avenues, and the emotion behind the art is especially evident when it’s in motion. Watching models move in the materials brings the quality and comfort front and center, showcasing another benefit of using vegan textiles and sustainable materials. 

TECHNOIRCANDY head to foot

Directing her fashion shows brings the designer and artist together in a single coordinate point, and her actions in the moment can strike off at any angle. The entire ensemble makes for a cerebral and provocative spectacle.  



Candy’s art is excellent for getting you out of the machine and into a flow of feelings and thoughts. The meticulous attention she pours into every inch of her work is why her products are handmade, eco-friendly, and unique. If you can see the products in situ, framed for the best possible view, you should go. Luckily, there’s a fashion show coming up. 

The next live fashion show is ASU’s The Chic Daily “Planet Chic” in which Candy will show her collection “Space Goth Bombshell"The style of this collection is a blend of various influences, combining elements of futuristic aesthetics, gothic undertones, and classic bombshell glamour. It represents a fusion of past, present, and future, blending glitch and traditional glam.


Catch the performance at 424 N Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona on February 9, 2024 (doors open at 7 pm) and take a glimpse at humanity beyond the human. Fabrics, concepts, art, and animations collide to bring you a show about the Transcendent Human via the lens of TECHNOIRCANDY. Fashion shows were made to be shocking, and Candy never fails to deliver on that promise. From tiny outfits for her plastic dolls to the eclectic ensembles adorning models and actors from all over the world, the message hasn’t changed:

“You cannot give up. Once you’re awake you can’t go back to sleep. Ever. Once you know your path, you have to keep pushing forward, pushing your message. My daughters are watching so I can’t give up.


Candy Scott, Artist and Owner of TECHNOIRCANDY

Candy Scott, owner and artist of TECHNOIRCANDY:

The TechNoirCandy brand focuses on creating wearable art with futuristic aesthetics. The pieces designed start from various mediums including illustration, animation, film production, and graphic design.

The hope is to create garments that will be worn as both functional items as well as works of art.

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